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Ak'shar Human (God, Intermediate Power)
Class: Transmuter
Alignment: Lawful Good

AC: -20
THAC0: 8
HP: 105

Str: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 13
Dex: 15
Con: 19
Cha: 13

Standard Equipment: Long Sword +5 Long Sword of Vampiric Regeneration + 2, Staff of the Magi (23 charges), Staff of Power (25 charges), Red Dragon Scale Armor + 5 (AC: -12), Cloak of Protection + 4, Ring of Protection + 4 (+ 2 to Saving Throws), The Wizard's Spirit (See Below), There is much more, and he IS the god of magical items...

Ak'shar appears to be a tall man of 26 years of age. In actuality, he is 31, but due to a certain magical item his aging was absorbed for several years. He has several powers granted to him by the Mythal effects of the ancient elven city of Myth Drannor. Once per day, he can cast Detect Magic, Detect Invisibility, and Feather Fall. Once every 20 days, he may cast Wizard Eye. He also has several abilities he has wished for, including the ability to use swords, wear armor, use the Priest THAC0 chart, and get the Warrior's Constitution Bonus. Mysteriously, Ak'shar also possesses infravision to 60'. He also posseses an artifact known as the Wizard's Spirit. It is a gem that embeds itself into his right hand and allows him to cast 2 spells a round. When he does so, both hands glow with bright white light.