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Forgotten Realms

As I have come to realize that there are many other worlds existing besides my own, I have set out to create a sort of chronicle, or at least a small description, of my own world, Toril. While the works of others, notably that of Volo, our world's most notorious explorer, would give a more in-depth evaluation and perhaps explanation of our world, I wished to give a general overview of Toril.

Ours is a land of variety. From the beautiful and lush Elven forest of Cormanthor to the barren, desolate wastes of the desert of Anauroch, the land ranges from extremes to mild pools of calmness. By saying "pools of calmness", I refer only to the geography and climate. Our world is, in fact, an ever-changing place. Evil groups such as the Zhentarim are always vying for power against good adventurers and organizations like the Harpers. Hardy settlers must battle perpetually against the hordes of monsters that plague our land. Nothing is assured in our world, and numbers are nearly meaningless. While massive armies of Tuigan invaders failed to have any lasting affect on the Realms, single individuals, bearing names such as Cyric, Midnight, and Drizzt, have had a very profound influence on this world.

And then there are the gods...a diverse pantheon of divinity forming an intricate web of balance...but let me not dwell on the deities of this land. The Realms are a place where mortals can change the world if they have the will and determination to do so. So let me tell you now of this land, and the people who have shaped it...

-Excerpt from The Worldbook of Toril, Ak'shar of Shadowdale


Sonata of Swords: Garadh, a sentient elven blade, is found by a young adventurer. The two must soon join together to face an oppenent much like Garadh himself...but far more dangerous...


Sorry, there are no adventures available at this time.


Ak'shar of Shadowdale: Wizard, Recently Ascended to Godhood.