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The Magnificent World

Makoto and Ifurita

Welcome to El-Hazard

Like a dream from a time faraway,
A sweet memory lingers from the distant past.
Like a kingdom that you reach,
After many years of dreaming,
El-Hazard is the eternal homeland,
And the land of never-ending adventures.
As long as there is a challenging spirit,
And a readiness to fly into infinity,
The gate to El-Hazard shall be opened for you.
Across millions of nights!

The Inhabitants of the Magnificent World

Makoto Ifurita Nanami Shayla

Makoto Mizuhara


Nanami Jinnai

Shayla Shayla

Afura Mann

Miz Mishtal


Rune Venus

Katsuhiko Jinnai

Queen Diva

Matsumishi Fujisawa

Leave El-Hazard and Return Home

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