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Dark Angel's AD&D Cathedral
"Come in, come in," says the hooded monk, ushering you into the cathedral. "You said you wanted knowledge, and so I can help you. But true wisdom must be attained on your own. I have in this cathedral many books, ancient tomes describing other places, other times, other worlds even. All you must do is find the right books. So come, peruse my library. But I warn you, such things can change a person, as they have me..."

As the monk gestures, you see his hand, a perfect ebony in hue. In the darkness of the cathedral, you also catch a glimpse of his back, moving underneath his robes, from which a black feather falls to the stone floor. Your eyes widen as they follow the feather's descent. The monk looks up at you, a yellow glow shining dimly under his hood as he begins to speak. "For my sins I have payed, boy. I only hope the wisdom you may gain here saves you from such a fate..."

The Library

Several books with strange emblems catch your eye...

Forgotten Realms


Dark Sun